The Room Where We Groom - your hair after 50

I often think hairdresser salons are like pubs, as soon as you walk in you just know whether you are welcome or not and whether you are likely to come back.  My hairdressers (with the rather bizarre name of Arthurs Radio) is obviously doing something right as I have been going there for over 20 years.

As I am almost on the staff Christmas party list I took the advantage of asking its Managing Director, my friend Paula, what happens to your hair after the age of 50.  Here are some of the things she told me:

Some women do find that their hair becomes thinner after the age of 50 and we all lose some of our hair at different times of the year – this is perfectly natural.

In general our generation’s hair may be in better shape than that of our mothers/grandmothers.  This is because the products used to colour our hair now have much less ammonia in them than would have been the case in the past.

It is advisable to have your hair cut at regular intervals, 6-8 weeks to maintain a style or 8-10 weeks if you are trying to grow it.  This helps keep your hair in good condition.

Whilst some women look to more invasive treatments to halt the inevitable aging process (e.g. fillers) a good haircut can make a huge amount of difference.

Having a great hair cut can boost your confidence and demonstrates to others that you are looking after yourself and taking pride in your appearance.

In times of economic recession hairdressers usually fare better than many other industries and this may be because we keep the luxury of that quality ‘me time’ whilst tightening our belts in other areas.

As I am toying with the idea of moving house in the next few years (the prospect of finding a new hairdresser makes me feel slightly ill – a first world problem I know), I asked Paula what I should look for when making the choice.  These were her top tips:

  • make sure you get a free consultation with a stylist beforeyou agree to have your hair cut
  • opt for a simple blow dry the first time you go – this will help you make up your mind about the place
  • when you ring up to book, ask the receptionist about the hairdressers, is there someone who specialises in colour for example?
  • think about what you want from your haircut, is it low maintenance cut that you won’t have to blow dry?
  • most salons do offer reduced rates if you opt for a trainee but you will obviously get someone with less experience if you do.

Finally, Paula made the point that most women who come into the salon are not trying to look younger. It’s much more about being comfortable and confident that your hair suits you and that leads to you feeling good about yourself.  At Fit over Fifty Women we often use the phrase ‘becoming the women you want to be’ and that’s all about both inner and outer confidence. 

Any hairdresser stories you would like to share?