Sayings only those over 50 understand

There are some sayings you only know if you are over a certain age!

A photo exhibit byAria Owens (4).png

1.    ‘She’s got a washboard stomach’ - no one under 50 has ever seen a washboard

2.    ‘Make a carbon copy’ – cc on the email, where is that carbon??

3.    ‘Play that record again’ - record: a round thing that use to play music before CDs

4.    ‘Look in the phone book’ – a book of phones?

5.    ‘Go the whole 9 yards’ – what’s that in metres?

6.    ‘Wind the window down’ (in the car) – still looking for the handle

7.    ‘Go clockwise’ – going round the clock face doesn’t work with digital

8.    ‘I can’t talk, I’m on the other line’ – that’s the other phone which was attached to a line and plugged into the wall

9.    ‘Tape that tv show for me to watch later’ – when media were recorded on tape

10. ‘Pleased as Punch’ – demonic puppet who smiled manically whilst beating his wife and child