Sue’s Wedding Part 3

In this Blog Sue shares what’s been happening in the run up to her wedding in the summer.

The Dress!!!

You could be forgiven for thinking this Wedding Blog hasn’t been exactly flowing lately, and though I did have a genuine concern about a monthly blog being overload, I must admit that I simply had to put wedding planning aside to fit in moving to a new house and Christmas.

It was only when I started to register that it’s now 2019 (new year’s always take a while to sink in don’t you think?) that I suddenly realised the wedding is now only 7 months away…so time to rev up the activity and excitement by getting my DRESS!!!

Well I couldn’t contain the enthusiasm and excitement of the ‘Brides Old Maids’ who are joining me on this journey, they were delirious about helping and had spent hours practising their facial expressions from the TV Program ‘Say Yes to the Dress’. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun and many different experiences of bridal services, let me share some of those with you…

Of course, finding a dress when you are fifty something has more challenges than a young bride. I think it’s a fear of looking ridiculous as well as the urge to hide most of your body, which not many bridal gowns can accommodate. I was adamant at the start for sleeves and a high back, well no-one wants to see dimpled arms and back fat, no matter how happy they are for you!

We had already started looking last October, always the four of us (The Maids and me) with lunch and bubbly afterwards (always afterwards there’s no room for a food bump in some of those dresses) … but always a blast and a fabulous day.

We travelled quite a bit too, after some on-line research (yes wedding dresses are no different) you find the styles and designers you like and off you go to the stores which stock them… wherever they are! It was as good a place as any to start and we had some very different experiences in these shops, thankfully the first was a good one otherwise I might have given up very early.

Was I wrong to expect the ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ experience, with a sofa full of happy Maids swilling down the bubbly and making the most hilarious ‘you can’t be serious’ faces? I mean can you believe some shops just point you in the direction of the changing room to get on with it! 

Well thankfully not all shops are the same and the experience makes such a difference. When we visited the shop where I eventually bought my dress, they went o such a lot of trouble to ensure we all enjoyed ourselves, we had a separate room all to ourselves with prosecco and a fabulous consultant in Trudi (she’s besotted with Robbie Williams, but you can’t hold that against her.) As you can see in the picture, we were having fun.

So how do you pick a dress? … well, remember it really does need to be comfortable as well as beautiful, you are going to be in that dress for a very long time. Try sitting down in it, honestly! one of my favourites was very soon ruled out when I realised, I’d have to be a contortionist to sit in it! I also ruled out a beautiful sequinned gown because after 10 minutes my under arms were red raw! … they did say they could remove those sequins, but it still puts you off.

Also, it helps if it’s close in size, honestly who said brides are size 8 ??? we did come across one shop that only had small sizes, it requires such a lot of imagination to appreciate a dress with someone standing behind you holding the sides in!

Anyway, eventually I had 3 favourites and decided it was time to stop looking, that’s a serious tip for all you future brides, you do need to stop looking and decide, otherwise you can go on forever!. So, I asked the Maids to join me on one last trip to try all 3 on again and make a final decision.

It was a full day as the 3 dresses were spread over 2 shops 90 miles apart, but we managed, visiting the shops in the morning then discussing over lunch. I already knew which one I liked but the Maids weren’t sharing their opinion till they had grilled me, though happily it seemed we all like the same dress !!.  I wonder if the happy experience of bubbly helped that decision????

Unfortunately, the selected dress was in the first store, so we called Trudi and all shouted ‘we say yes to the dress’ in unison down the phone, very emotional and funny, all the fabulous feelings you expect to have when you choose THE dress!!

So obviously not your usual Wedding Gown shopping experience where mum and daughter burst into tears, but I can honestly say it did get emotional. One of the Maids had said “imagine Kevin’s face when he turns around and sees you in that dress” and yes … I did burst into tears… so did all the Maids!!!

Finally, I think it is true that you know when you have found the dress, I did (albeit I hadn’t realised) because I kept showing people a picture of that very dress whenever anyone showed the slightest interest. Obviously not a picture of me in the dress, it was the usual size 8 model, though I’m confident I will look like that when I start using the expensive gym membership, I took out in November…. I’ve already been twice!

Well lot’s more activity now which I will be writing about every month!!  Flowers next then some entertainment and a few hen do’s

So, I have the dress and without giving too much away, no fear of dimples!!!

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