Sue's Wedding Part 1- The Proposal

I met Sue through the social meeting place that is the hairdressers.  I learnt that she was in the process of planning her wedding to Kevin.  The more we talked the more I realised this was no ordinary wedding!  This is Sue’s story.

Kevin and I met through the Times Encounters dating site.  Our first date was, well a bit tetchy.  With hindsight I can see he was ‘testing me’, wanting to see how I would react. I was notorious for not going on second dates (you get to be pretty choosy in your fifties) and had half a mind not to see him again, but my friends persuaded me to give it another go.

Our second date went fantastically well, and Kevin flew off to New York the next day for business. Whilst there, he suggested I fly out and meet him for a valentine’s dinner!  I happily told him that was out of the question as I would be in Bali with some friends. But after 3 weeks of challenging and expensive communications with poor internet connections and the time difference, we both returned eager to see each other and have been inseparable ever since.

In March 2018 Kevin began to feel unwell and developed severe stomach pains.  These became worse and one night we ended up in the Accident and Emergency Department of our local hospital.  At 2am in the morning after a CT scan we were invited to meet with the Registrar and Consultant.  We knew at this point something serious was going on.

As we weren’t man and wife, the doctors asked Kevin if he was happy for them to talk to him with me in the room, which of course he was.  Kevin was told he had a tumour, which was likely to be cancerous, in his bowel. The consultant said he would operate the next day.  We were told to go home and get some sleep – easier said than done.

The following day Kevin was operated on and five hours later I saw him on the ward, adorned with several tubes and hooked up to various machines.  He was heavily sedated and clearly not in the mood for visitors.  I left feeling pretty devastated at the turn of events over the last 24 hours.

The following day, the awkward situation about whether I was his partner on his mind, a still very drowsy Kevin looked at me and said,  ‘let’s stop messing around and get married’.  Though not the most romantic proposal, I still burst into tears! But then I quickly started to wonder if I should accept a proposal from a heavily drugged man, so I gently suggested he might want to think about asking me again when he was feeling better and out of hospital.

It took a further six weeks (I was by now wondering whether it really was the drugs that caused the sudden urge to be betrothed) before he asked me again, but this time it was more romantic, over dinner and we were both very excited and of course I said yes! Whilst Kevin would have been happy with a registry office and a few close friends, he is also happy to indulge me and go along with a full-blown celebration.

Kevin is still awaiting a further operation but his cancer is curable and we are both now excited to be planning a wedding on August 17th 2019,  so exactly a year’s time.  I’m planning several ‘hen dos’.  Well you have a lot of close friends by the time you reach your 50’s!  The venue is sorted - including Kevin being able to land a helicopter in the grounds! Flying is his hobby. 

The ring, the dress, the entourage and a multitude of pre-wedding parties are all to be sorted.   These events will be the subject of more blogs in the future should you choose to come on this journey with me!