10 Reasons To Quit Your Job

Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and make change happen.  I’ve felt for a few years that I needed a new focus.  My ‘day job’ no longer fulfilled me in the way it once did and I wanted to try something new.    For me FitOverFiftyWomen.com has become my new passion.

We can all find lots of reasons for not making a change and continuing to do what’s not making us happy.  Just look at all the blogs on Pinterest that deal with procrastination! Money concerns are real but most of us haven’t worked out what we really need to live on.  Calculating this figure might help give you more choices about ‘what next’.

Some or all of the reasons below may also suggest that it’s time for your next big step! 


1.     You’ve been muttering about leaving and doing something else for the last five years

2.     You’ll spend less time on the daily commute - you begin to notice hardly anyone else is doing this at your age

3.     You’ll have more time to spend with your family/ partner/dog/grand-children/friends/garden.....etc

4.     You’ll have more time to find and indulge in your creative side, e.g. take up blogging, contemporary dance, painting, writing poetry

5.     You don’t feel the same passion about what you do now, as you once did

6.     You’d like to become a volunteer and get more involved in your local community

7.     You notice you’ve become more cynical when ‘new’ ideas are floated in meetings - in your head you are saying ‘we tried that in 1994’

8.     You’d like to take up a hobby you did as a young person - playing the flute, acting, kayaking, horse-riding etc

9.     You cannot face another office ‘whip round’ for someone’s birthday, leaving, getting married, retirement

10.    Your boss is considerably younger than you which is not a problem in itself, but there’s only so much ‘youth’ you can face on a daily basis

So.......what are you waiting for?