The joy and wonder of cycling

I'd forgotten the sheer joy of riding a bike.  I started riding a bike again in my late 40’s, mainly because I’d been talked into training for a sprint triathlon. It’s very strange getting back on the saddle after years of not cycling and the strangest thing of all is you completely understand the saying ‘it’s like riding a bike’, you know how to do it immediately.

Of course, technique can always be improved, but the feeling of freedom you get from being able to propel yourself through your own body strength combined with the bike takes you straight back to being a child.

Having mastered cycling at around 20k distances I decided a bigger challenge was needed and signed up for a 240k cycle ride in China.  Hilly was mentioned, cycling up mountainsides was not! At one point I knew I could walk more quickly than I was cycling, but I was determined not to get off. Being able to see breath-taking countryside and go to villages way off the tourist routes was amazing, as was the comradery of the group.

So now I love cycling for fun and would recommend it to anyone for the following 10 reasons:

1.     There’s no better way to see the world around you

2.     It keeps you fit and builds stamina

3.     It is kind to your bones as it's low impact

4.     You can do it on your own, with family or in a group/club

5.     It helps with coordination and balance

6.     You don’t need special clothes, unless you want special clothes

7.     It’s good for your mental health as you are outside

8.     You can do it at any age

9.     It’s non-competitive, unless you make it competitive

10.  And the one I like the most...... ‘every ride is a tiny holiday’

Why not get that bike out of the shed today?