6 Reasons to book a massage

Photo by  Saffu  on  Unsplash

Photo by Saffu on Unsplash

I would never have chosen to have a massage five years ago. Up until then all my experiences had been in ‘spa’ type situations. Starting with a bunch of people sitting in a waiting room all in dressing gowns, being called into a room the size of a shoe box, being asked excruciating questions like what skin products do you use for your nightly routine (desperate mind scramble to think of a name of a face cream, Nivea?), twinkly music playing and then a complete stranger starts touching you whilst telling you to relax. My idea of hell.

However after a particularly stressful week a good friend suggested I go for a massage with someone she could recommend. I did and two years later I am still going, once every couple of months. My favourite is the hot stone version. The massage is basically hot stones being rubbed and rolled with various levels of pressure over your body after applying essential oils. It is blissful!

There are many types of massage and many reasons why a massage might help you, here are my top six.

1. Stress relief

Good for this is a Swedish massage, the most well-known type of massage, which utilises strokes and kneading, percussion, vibration and friction.  The Ayurvedic massage is a vigorous massage using large amounts of warm oil and is one part of the traditional Indian detoxification and rejuvenation program.

2. Relaxation

If you find it hard to relax the hot stones massage might be the one for you.  Heated (or cooled stones) are placed on the body for energy balancing.

3. Pain relief

Massage can be particularly helpful for people with fibromyalgia and arthritis or those suffering from headaches.  Craniosacral therapy uses gentle techniques to release restrictions in the membranes around the brain and spinal cord.  Acupressure involves pressing points along the body’s meridians with fingers, thumbs or palms of the hand to bring about balance and health.

4. Sports massage for muscle injury. 

This works by Increasing blood circulation and working on knots, which are called trigger points.


5. The power of touch

As we age and perhaps live alone, we may not feel the power of human touch as much as we once did. Massage can help ensure that skin to skin touch remains part of our lives. Massage sessions can be
modified for safe application to older people, who might arrive at a session with issues related to joint pain or fragile skin.

6. Finally, massage is wonderful because it can be tailored to everyone’s needs. 

From babies to older people and from athletes to those with painful conditions that impair movement, there’s a massage to suit everyone.

I saw this quote the other day: Question: why a massage? Answer: because some questions can’t be answered by Google. 

Treat yourself and go book one now.