Reasons to be joyful over 50

Here are my top 10 reasons to be joyful over 50

1.     You have more time to yourself – hopefully! But if you don’t now, know that it will come once the twenty something(s) leave home, you stop working full-time, you get some support for your elderly parents and just STOP trying to do everything!

2.     More self-care. When you are ill you go to bed and you don’t even think about cooking the dinner.

3.     You know who your friends are.  They will be the ones that still want to socialise with you even though you’ve given up drinking and start fidgeting to go home at 9.30pm.

Photo by  Grace Ho  on  Unsplash

Photo by Grace Ho on Unsplash

4.     You have more perspective on life.  I now understand there is no need to have a meltdown when the avocados don’t come in the on-line shop

5.     Less need to compete. Especially in the gym as I am not going to have more stamina than that lycra-clad 20 year-old (the one with the exceptional bum that looks like two grapefruits straining to get out of a sack.)  The exception to this is the park run where you wait excitedly for the statistical analysis on the results.  These tell you, you came third in your age group! (There were four of you in that category)

6.     More wisdom - I know a boob tube is no longer for me.

7.     No periods.  I was distraught when they arrived (age 12) and exuberant when they left.  Less expense, no nasty surprises and no need to learn about eco friendly alternatives!

8.     More grace – ok this one I aspire to.  It has two meanings: the elegance of movement and to demonstrate good will, decorum and respect towards fellow humans (unless you annoy me).

9.     You become more assertive and less apologetic.  For example, recent exchange in my house: Partner: would you like to go to the races dear on Ladies Day?’ me: no thanks (end of).

10.  You no longer feel like you have to go out on a Friday night.  I now celebrate like a maniac if an evening event is cancelled and I can get back to my book and look forward to an early night!

Oh and the bonus - you are able to do hard things.  Well you don’t have a choice on this one as they just keep coming!