Thought about signing up for a challenge?

Photo by  Tyler Nix  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Need a boost you physical and mental health? Signing up for a challenge could be just what you need. Yes, challenges are good for you!

Why? You might ask whilst sitting comfortably in your favourite chair. My view is that a challenge takes you somewhere you haven’t been before. It pushes you.  When you sign up for it you're not sure if you will succeed and when you do the sense of achievement is immense.

Challenge or a goal?

Is there a difference between a challenge and a goal? I think there is. A goal might be to brush my teeth and floss every night without fail. This goal might take persistence and a certain amount of discipline, but the crucial factor for me is, there is no ‘fear’ involved. There really is not much to overcome, except perhaps my laziness.

But what kind of challenge should you go for? Perhaps it doesn’t matter, as long as it takes you outside your comfort zone. That way once you have done it your self esteem will soar.

A trek.......

My first real challenge was a 50 mile trek in Jordan. Up to that point the most walking I did was from the car park to the train station or around the supermarket. I also discovered on this adventure, that there are often 'mini' challenges within the challenge. For me arriving at our first overnight stop, near the Red Sea and seeing the Bedouin tent with 50 mattresses lined up like matchboxes next to each other, was my first challenge. As I explained to anyone who would listen, ‘I don’t even sleep that closely to my partner, let alone a total stranger!'.

You will learn a lot about yourself during the challenge. I now know, altitude makes me vomit, I can’t walk overnight (sleep is too important to me being able to function), and I like being in a group when we are all on the same mission.

There are now so many organised challenges, some involve getting fitter, others don’t and most have no age barrier.  Just remember:

· You can do it

· It will be worth it in the end

· The journey is as important as the destination

· Achieving with others is good for the soul

· Failure always teaches us something

· You’ll be ready to sign up for another challenge in no time

· You are awesome!     

If you’ve signed up for a challenge, or perhaps just done one, why not tell us about it?