Reasons to try a personal trainer



  1. You will learn technique – this is important in order to avoid injury

  2. You will be working (under supervision) at the right pace for your fitness level

  3. You will do exercises you would never choose to do one your own (e.g. Burpees)

  4. You will stick to a timetable of exercise (you’re paying so you will turn up)

  5. You will drink less the night before a PT session (otherwise you will throw up)

  6. You will learn to swear profusely in your head (mainly because you are so breathless you can’t actually speak)

  7. You will learn the importance of stretching and then do it

  8. You will learn you don’t care what you look like when drenched in sweat

  9. You will learn that boxing is an excellent outlet for both getting rid of stress and trying to punish your PT for putting you through this

  10. You will eat what you like for the rest of the day as you have worked so hard!