Sue’s Wedding Part 2

Sue’s story continues as she prepares for her wedding to Kevin next year…….

Life and plans

Life and plans……. they never seem to follow the path you expect and the last couple of months have been no exception. Instead of preparing for a wedding, I’ve found myself running around trying to fit too many things in the day !. Not only am I helping out at the golf club where I volunteer as a Board director, but we have also been informed our new house is ready 2 months early and we complete in a couple of days.

More importantly, Kevin has been unwell again and has unfortunately taken a lot longer to recover from his 2nd operation to remove the cancer that (sort of) led to him proposing in the first place. See my blog on ‘The Proposal’.

He is on the mend now and will not need any more medication, but he has found it difficult to stay positive with 2 major operations in such a short time. So understandable my calm preparations haven’t really materialised as I’d imagined!

 The wedding fair

However, I did manage to visit a Wedding Fair last month. I just I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have some fun visiting the National Wedding Show in Birmingham. Which is not only my home town but also that of 2 of my affectionately named ‘brides old maids’ . So armed with VIP tickets and an excellent command of the ‘brummie’ accent the 3 of us went along and had a fantastic day out, as you can see in the picture.

Our day was spent mooching around the stalls looking at various bridal outfits, flowers, photographers, you name it and it was there. We even had our eyebrows painted on, I was a bit reluctant, so Eileen stepped in first and the result was fabulous, so I had mine done and not to be left out, Lesley tried it out too.

We weren’t really there to shop, more for inspiration and ideas.  I did get both Eileen and Lesley to try on the same bridesmaid dress, but it was so awful I feel it would be cruel to share that photo! It was a shame Trisha (brides old maid number 3) couldn’t be there, but as a ‘scouse’ I think she would have had difficulty with the accents! Look out for the next Blog where all 4 of us go shopping!

On to rings

It was a really fun day with the girls who will I’m sure help with a lot of the choices I make…. except the engagement ring of course ! though to be honest I thought I already had mine since Kevin already bought me a ring (prior to us deciding to get married) which I and everyone else just assumed was an engagement ring.

It wasn’t the perfect romantic occasion I had hoped for and not a great shopping experience for Kevin either. I’m afraid I do have a bit of a reputation for changing my mind and buying a ring was no exception. Having chosen perfectly nice ‘commitment ring’, once we got home I decided I didn’t like it and it swapped it for another one.

But always intent on making me happy, and in spite of that dreadful experience, Kevin has decided that we should choose another engagement ring to go with my wedding ring. How fabulous !! , this time I will make sure the one I choose, is the one I really love and will let you all know when it happens !

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